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Lunenburg Cultural Collective Committed to Increasing Collaboration amongst Arts/Culture Organizations

News Release Date: Fall 2021

The Lunenburg Foundation for the Arts with the able leadership of Virginia Stephen and Sheila Woodcock led a process that resulted in the Lunenburg’s Cultural Action Plan. This plan, which is a part of the Lunenburg Community Plan, outlines a number of cultural priorities for our town as we move into the future.

You can read the Lunenburg Cultural Action Plan on our website.

One of the recommendations in the plan suggests creating a system to coordinate arts/culture organizations. Recently, a  group has been established called the Lunenburg Cultural Collective.

Members of the Lunenburg Cultural Collective (LCC) represent a variety of arts and culture organizations. This group is eager to create a website that will list all events, festivals etc. happening in Lunenburg as a way of encouraging collaborative efforts amongst a variety of arts/culture organizations. 
The Foundation is instrumental in seeking grant funding for this initiative and is presently working diligently to make it happen. 

The President of the Foundation says, “by coordinating activities we will eliminate overlap of activity. More importantly, by working together we can create new synergies that will continue to benefit the community and the thousands of visitors who participate in arts and culture activities in this part of Nova Scotia.”