Introducing Our Newly Redesigned LFA Brand

News Release Date: March 2023

After many years of great service from our former logo, we wanted to deepen our storytelling and reinvigorate our engagement with the Lunenburg County community. We are thrilled to introduce our newly redesigned brand identity and digital presence! 

The Lunenburg Foundation for the Arts strives to expand opportunities for artists, amplify their work and focus the community’s attention on engagement with the arts. Our logo tells this story by taking the A from Arts (the foundation’s focus) and turning it on its side. It is now an eye gazing forward. No matter the media, art is about observing our world – it is an invitation to share new perspectives or points of view. The negative space in the A is a light beam, spotlighting local talent and opportunities. The icon is also a megaphone, amplifying, promoting and advocating for the arts and demonstrating the impact of Small but Mighty grants.

We are excited to continue ensuring a vibrant future for the arts in Lunenburg County under a banner that reflects our mandate. 

Brand design provided by Alivelihood Branding & Design, based here in Lunenburg.