Marla Benton, Grant Recipent, Seeks Purchaser to Donate Iconic Piece to Lunenburg Academy

News Release Date: July 2020

I created a large-scale ceramic sculpture of the Lunenburg Academy during my artistic residency at the DesBrisay Museum. It only seems fitting that this artwork, representing the iconic Academy, finds a home in the Lunenburg Library.

The Lunenburg Library is excited about having this piece in its space, ensuring that the public can enjoy it for the foreseeable future.

The search is on for a patron of the arts to purchase this work for donation to the library. To express the community’s appreciation for such a generous donation, a plaque honouring the donor’s contribution will sit with the sculpture in the library. The patron will also receive a large platter featuring an illustration of the Academy that can be cherished in their own personal collection.

This ceramic rendition of the Academy is interactive. Patrons can enjoy the two drawers that slide out of the side of the building. One is a drawer of miniature books representing the library’s collection. The other drawer holds small-scaled instruments celebrating the Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance (LAMP) and its impact in the community through sharing the music of world class artists. These two drawers together represent the knowledge and culture housed in the Academy that has become an integral part of the fabric of our community.

“The goal is for the Lunenburg Academy sculpture to be permanently on public display for everyone to enjoy, while supporting the efforts of the Artist, DesBrisay Museum, and the Lunenburg branch of South Shore Public Libraries.” – Marla Benton