The Earl Bailly Bursary Fund was established by the Lunenburg Foundation for the Arts to be used by Lunenburg County high school students for continued education in the arts.


The Earl Bailly Bursary is named in honour of prominent Lunenburg artist, Earl Bailly. Born in 1903, he was two years old when he was stricken-with polio and lost the use of both his arms and his legs. His mother, a schoolteacher, taught Earl to hold a pencil in his mouth and write. As a child, he became interested in drawing, progressing from pen and ink sketches to watercolours and oils. He also mastered the difficult technique of linoleum block printing. Earl Bailly became most famous for his oil paintings. His wheelchair was fitted with a table and brush rack, to enable him to work in this medium. Earl Bailly’s achievements were widely recognized and prominent collectors purchased his paintings. He died in 1977 and his story lives on in a plaque in Lunenburg Town Hall and online.

Earl Bailly possessed an indomitable spirit and remains an inspiration to all artists.

Each year a $500 dollar bursary is awarded to Lunenburg County high school students to be used towards further education in the arts. Applications are managed by school officials, contact your local high school for details.

The finer details


Lunenburg County High Schools as well as Centre Scolaire de la Rive-Sud can each select one student to receive a bursary each year. Schools are requested to identify a student whom they believe would be a suitable candidate for the bursary. All high school students wishing to continue their arts education are eligible to apply for funding. Art forms include music, visual art, dance, theatre, writing and fine craft etc.

Examples of eligible activities:
• Workshop led by a relevant art professional

• Arts camp program in summer or school breaks led by a relevant professional

• Private study with a relevant professional

• Contribution towards first year tuition at a post-secondary institute where study will include relevant art

For use by school officials only –  please download and complete the bursary application form as a Word doc or pdf.


The deadline is the end of May.

Ajudicating and Announcing the Bursary Awards
  • Awards will be announced no later than June 30th and schools will have results available sooner.
  • Bursary recipients are invited to the LFA AGM for presentation of their award.
  • A press release may be sent out naming the recipients.

Are you a school official with a student that can benefit from funding?


2023 Marli Doucette - NSCAD

2023 Emily Chaisson - NSCAD

2022 Morgan Landry – Media at Toronto Metropolitan University
2021 Max Gros – Digital and Audio Arts, University of Lethbridge
2020 Leilani Thorogood – NSCAD
2019 Megan Spencer – NSCAD